Demos II

by Cassel

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A badly produced 3 track demo recorded over a couple of days in a basement in Gisborne with a bunch of screaming crickets.


released April 22, 2017

Music, lyrics, production by Yasmin de Laine

Photograph by Nicholas Smart



all rights reserved


Cassel Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: It's Never Sunny In Gisborne
I spread myself into dirt, burying myself
as crows, they await overhead
pedestrians bump me, they don’t see anything
cause I’m on the wrong side of death
I apologise for my grotesque display
loathsome to claim it as mine
now gather around please, for my final act
I will turn this whole bloodstream into wine

your grief is ugly
spare us those gruesome facts
I see you bleeding
make sure you leave here out the back

so bring a book and bring a pen
we can laugh about how sick I am
“remember that time you did that thing?”
are you joking? I don’t recall anything
now I’m rotting as skin sloughs away
an absence revealing my face
we can both pretend I’m still a person
then I’ll go home to write myself off again.
Track Name: Rotgut
grew up fast, I grew up mean
raised on scraps, stubborn disease
the devil walked right into me
and I accept him willingly

they told me there’s no saving me
fields drenched dry reluctantly
cracked old dirt riddled with disease
the land cries out, “deliver me”

I’ll die by his hand
I’ll die by my hand

no good book in my bedside stand
no reprieve nor a promised land
rattling bones dumped and picked clean
sink into earth, never seen

awaiting on a judgement day
no scarred up knees getting down to pray
my fate’s not mine, it never was
just send me down there without cause

drink, smoke, swallow 'til the nightmare leaves
the bottom of the bottle smiles back at me.
Track Name: This Is Not For You
rest within confines of the hall
this entity longer than I recall
‘round the corner, approach the door
a spectre presence I hadn’t noticed before

I will cut out my empathy
achieve resilience much more easily
remove the ghost sickness for what I’ve seen
so my apathy will come back to me

the toothy staircase from below
yawns open wide and swallows who follows
I swear I heard a grumbling
it’s in the walls, it’s all consuming
bolt the doors, shade the halls
this space will breathe me in

shadows dance but never sleep
in the house on mr jackson’s creek